What is Primo Bioscans Body Composition Testing?

Non-invasive / medically graded body scans

Giving you the most accurate results via exactly what your body is composed of

The only accurate way to track your progress

Our machine is 100% mobile for your convenience

We setup and provide a full body compositio employees, athletes, members or clients

Takes less than a minute!

How do you track your progress?

Primo Bioscans gives you more than just a number, it looks beyond the simple number on a scale. Standing on a scale is only your gravitational pull to earth, understand your body, allow Primo Bioscans to break down that number and explain exactly what your body is composed of.

You train we track! Perfect for transformation, group and personal challenges where you get the most accurate results individualised to you personally to always be the better version of you. Always striving to achieve your Personal Best.

Mobile scanning.

Providing you convenience and excellent customer service.

Achieve your Personal Best.

Accurate results individualised to you personally.

Safe and Reliable.

Scientifically proven and validated testing.

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